Our Homestead

In the fall of 2018, Kate and Scott purchased an acre of land in Benton, Indiana, seven miles southeast of Goshen. Currently, they’re building a home and preparing the fields for full-time flower production beginning spring of 2020.


The Kurtz’s

During the past four years, the Kurtz family has shared their 10-acre north Goshen backyard for the majority of our flower production. The rich, marshy soil is great for perennials such as willows and dogwood, black-eyed susans, and butterfly weed.


Downtown Goshen

Kate and Scott’s current home has a 1/3 acre side lot that serves as a personal garden, neighborhood garden, and another site for market blooms. The sandy, well-drained soil is perfect for floral favorites, including zinnias, dahlias, and eucalyptus.