Great-grandpa Henry’s singletree

Great-grandpa Henry’s singletree


A singletree is a farming implement that helps connect a horse to a cart, evening the pull of the load and creating a smoother ride. We are drawn to this concept that a shared workload is a smoother workload, and that the hard work of agriculture is evened by the rich reward of living close to the earth and close to each other.


Our singletree is an old piece of equipment; thanks to cars and tractors, we don’t have the same use for them. Still, ours serves as a reminder that small, slow farms are not only possible, but vital to rural communities across our country. It is a reminder to be aware of our fossil fuel use, keep our tools and tasks simple and functional, and enjoy the ride.


This particular singletree was used by Kate’s great-grandfather Henry on his small Kansas farm. Having come from agricultural histories and communities, Kate and Scott celebrate the importance of people coming together for both work and play, and appreciate belonging to the strong fabric of a community woven together by shared experiences.